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When adding a printer, an error 'The job could not be completed' occurs.

- Control Panel → Computer Management → Services and Applications → Services → Select Printer Spooler, right-click and click 'Properties'.

- Please set after rebooting the POS.

Continuously ejects the printer paper.

- Delete the print request (waiting data) or recheck the installation environment for a cable delivery error.

I changed only the printer of the cable that was used, but printing is not possible.

- If the printer's manufacturer is different, the cable setting conditions may be different.

- Even if the serial and port are the same, if the pin map is different, the setting conditions are different and the connection is not possible.

POS Printer Troubleshooting - Print issue

POS Printer Symptom: Nothing is printed after change the roll paper.

It may causes when the printer's roll paper is placed  upside down.

  • Open the printer paper cover by pushing the open button.
  • Replace the roll paper on proper direction. 
  • Pull out the paper, then close the cover. 

※ Note: When closing the cover, press the center of the cover so that the paper adheres to the roller.