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KIOSK System Troubleshooting - Network Issues

KIOSK system symptom: Cannot access LAN

  • Check if hub or switch is working correctly
  • Check RJ45 cable connection
  • Check if LAN LEDs are on/off
  • Reinstall LAN card
  • Replace motherboard
KIOSK System Troubleshooting- Serial Port Issues

KIOSK System Symptom: KIOSK System Serial port doesn't work

  • Check Windows device manager for device recognition
  • Check COM port status and connection
  • Erase and re-install the driver
  • Change Serial port
KIOSK System Troubleshooting - Touch-screen Issues

KIOSK system symptom: Touch-screen is not work aproximately 5 mininutes after boot up the system 

  • Check system setting for USB Control Power Management.
  • Energy Saving mode should be turned off.
  • Check touch screen software version and install the latest version.
  • Download the software from our website or POSBANK's local partners.
  • Install the latest version touch screen software.