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POS PeripheralsTroubleshooting - Cash Drawer issue

POS Peripherals Symptom: Cash Drawer is not open

  • Please check the Cash Drawer's Cable if it is properly conncted.
  • If the Cash drawer is connected with Printer, please make sure the printer's power is turned on. 
  • If the Cash drawer is connected with Printer, please check do the self test on printer and check every thing is working properly.
POS Printer Troubleshooting - Scanner issue

POS Peripherals Symptom: hand held scanner is not working properly

  • Disconnect the cable and reconnect it properly.
  • After reconnect the cable, check the hand held scanner if it is properly recognized on the system.
  • Rebooting the POS Terminal.
Touch Monitor Troubleshooting - LCD Issues

POS System Symptom: Monitor displays abnormal colors

  • Check LCD cable connection
  • Replace LCD cable
  • Change LCD panel
Touch Monitor Troubleshooting - LCD Issues

POS System Symptom: Monitor blinks 

  • Check  inverter cable connection
  • Replace inverter cable
  • Change LCD panel
POS Printer Troubleshooting - Print issue

POS Printer Symptom: Nothing is printed after change the roll paper.

It may causes when the printer's roll paper is placed  upside down.

  • Open the printer paper cover by pushing the open button.
  • Replace the roll paper on proper direction. 
  • Pull out the paper, then close the cover. 

※ Note: When closing the cover, press the center of the cover so that the paper adheres to the roller.

POS Printer Troubleshooting - Printer Self Test

Self Test Procedure

  • Turn off the Printer
  • Turn on the Printer while pressing the feed button.
  • Printer will print out printer information and current setting values.
  • Turn off the printer again and turn it on. excute the POS program, and check the printer if it properly print the items.
POS System Troubleshooting – Booting Issues

POS system symptom: Re-booting during system operation

  • Check SATA cable connection
  • Check memory status
POS System Troubleshooting – PS/2 Keyboard Issues

POS system symptom: PS/2 Keyboard Issues

  • Check card-reader cable
  • Check motherboard jumper
POS System Troubleshooting – Power Issues

POS system symptom: System switches off abruptly and system does not load

  • Check A/C cable connection
  • Check motherboard power connection
  • Check CPU settings/status
  • Check DRAM settings
  • Check power button cable connection
  • Change power adaptor unit
POS System Troubleshooting – Touch-screen Issues

POS system symptom: Touch-screen doesn’t detect touch operations

  • Check touch-screen cable connection
  • Check motherboard and LCD cable connection
  • Check BIOS set-up