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Subject POS installation at premium specialty coffee shops
  • 2022.08.05
Customer Description
  • It is a professional coffee maker where green specialty coffee beans are roasted directly by a professional roaster in Korea, and an experienced professional barista demonstrates extraction.
Customer Objectives
  • It should be installed as a POS that matches a high-end specialty coffee shop decorated with a luxurious store interior.
  • POS options should be diversified so that customers can see payment details such as 2nd display at checkout.
  • It is necessary to prepare a design with a unique POS appearance rather than a POS with a universal design.
  • It must be a high-spec POS that can apply both online purchases and coffee purchases at offline stores.
  • POS products with die-casting and folding designs were selected, and products with calm achromatic colors were selected.
  • Using the latest CPU, it is possible to simultaneously process tasks such as collecting membership points.
Results and Benefits
  • In order to give customers who spend time visiting and spending time in a high-end coffee shop feeling like they are being treated with friendly service until the moment they make a payment before leaving the coffee shop, a 2nd display was installed and a user interface was provided to guide the payment amount and process. In this regard, customers were also satisfied with using the coffee shop.