POSBANK is a Point of Sale and Kiosk manufacturer that provides the best quality products and services based on more than 25 years of experience and technology.
CEO Message
We sincerely thank our Partners and Customers. POSBANK has been leading the POS industry standards with sophisticated design and high performance. We are always focusing on developing market-leading products with a spirit of challenge. As World's leading POS brand, POSBANK became a POS & Kiosk Manufacturing company that attracts the global market. We will always think and strive from the customers’ point of view with the service that fulfills the customers’ satisfaction on price, quality, and support. We always wish you happiness and prosperity in your business.
CEO & Founder Steven Eun
At POSBANK, we aspire to be the most trusted and respected company in the in-store solution industry and satisfy customers with best-in-class products and services.
  • Brand Innovation
    POSBANK creates the new trend
    by future-oriented POS/Kiosk.
  • Globalization Strategies
    POSBANK strives to achieve goals
    with the pioneer spirit of "Everything is Possible".
  • Leading Company
    POSBANK acts proactively,
    and challenges possibilities.


    Brand Marketing
    • Achieving No.1 POS Brand in Korea
    • Making originality with stylish conceptual POS/Kiosk Design
    • Broaden target market throughout the globe
    Globalization Strategies
    • Reinforcing brand value as Korea's No.1 POS/Kiosk Manufacturer
    • Building a global leading company through continuous innovation
    • Strengthening online and offline marketing
    POSBANK’s Commitments
    • Supporting customers proactively
    • Leading the trends with new challenges
    • Satisfying customers with the best-in-class products and services
POSBANK’s Logo is a visual element that symbolizes and represents the POSBANK’s Identity. The basic logotype is POSBANK Blue, and it is given priority to all media. It should be followed the POSBANK's usage policies, and pre-approval is required.