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Subject Established a self-pay kiosk system for a fast food franchise specializing in chicken
  • 2022.08.05
Customer Description
  • It is an American fast food restaurant that focuses on fried chicken and is the only foreign-style fast food franchise operating in Korea.
Customer Objectives
  • Due to the nature of fast food, it is necessary to reduce the waiting time for customers and enable fast order processing.
  • It is necessary to build a non-face-to-face self-ordering system to increase the work efficiency of workers.
  • It should be hardware that does not occupy a lot of space so that several kiosks can be installed in order to process orders quickly during rush hour.
  • It should be possible to change the installation method in various ways according to the atmosphere of each store.
  • A high-end CPU capable of processing large orders in a short period of time and accommodating various payment methods was used.
  • The 21.5-inch kiosk was installed in various ways depending on the store environment, such as stand-type, table-top type, and wall-mount type to maximize space utilization.
Results and Benefits
  • Store workers showed less fatigue in dealing with customers and expressed satisfaction with their work.
  • Store operators have been able to increase sales and, consequently, profits as a result of reduced labor costs.
  • Users also preferred the convenience of non-face-to-face ordering and payment.