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Subject POS installation in famous outdoor clothing stores in South Africa
  • 2022.06.16
Customer Description
  • Headquartered in Cape Town, South Africa, it is a clothing brand store with 300 stores and five major retail chains including outdoor, footwear, fashion, children's and homeware stores.
Customer Objectives
  • Since it is a store that sells various types and sizes of items, several options such as barcode scanners and handheld scanners are required during the payment process.
  • Even when the store is crowded, a large number of payment processing needs to be processed without difficulty.
  • I/O ports should be sufficient to apply the various options of POS as much as possible.
  • POS must be equipped with high-performance specifications so that large amounts of data can be processed quickly.
  • Various optional ports such as USB and COM ports are provided to enable the use of various peripheral devices such as MSR and scanner.
  • By applying the latest CPU, many payment tasks are processed while quickly recognizing the many options installed in the POS.
Results and Benefits
  • The waiting line was shortened during the payment process at the checkout counter, and both the store staff and customers were satisfied with the fast payment processing speed.
  • In one POS, multiple options were available depending on the peripheral device preferred by each person in charge, so he was satisfied with the store business.