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Subject Installation of payment POS terminal in multi-purpose clothing brand stores
  • 2022.06.16
Customer Description
  • It is a Turkish clothing brand with 1047 stores in 47 countries.
  • The brand's store in Lebanon is a complex clothing brand store that can be enjoyed by people of all ages, and consists of individual brand stores within the complex shopping mall.
Customer Objectives
  • It was hoped that the payment POS hardware terminals and software of clothing brand stores would be organically operated so that peripheral devices such as barcodes used in the payment process would work smoothly and without any trouble.
  • Due to the nature of the clothing store, it was hoped that the dust in the store would not flow into the payment POS terminal and the hardware would be protected from other contamination.
  • It is necessary to install firmware, drivers, etc. for various options suitable for the operating system of the POS so that there is no problem in operation.
  • Hardware and software must be set up to work properly so that receipts are printed right-to-left in accordance with the Arabic-speaking environmental conditions.
  • In order to periodically manage the firmware and driver of the POS terminal, a maintenance work schedule was established for each store so that there is no disruption to the update.
  • The case cover of POS was designed as a dust ingress prevention system.
  • The management system was systematized, such as setting the Arabic language package and checking whether it was properly applied, to minimize the occurrence of problems during the payment process at the store.
Results and Benefits
  • Store managers and employees evaluated that it is very helpful in store operation as they can make payments, settlement, and analysis stably through the POS terminal.
  • Store employees were satisfied that there was a solution that could easily solve various customer problems, such as payment, cancellation, and refund, and respond immediately.