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Subject Android kiosk to purchase fitness center memberships
  • 2022.11.14
Customer Description
  • It is a fitness center operated by a regional franchise in Korea.
  • The fitness center has developed its own app to facilitate member management, and is expanding its business by providing additional services such as selling health drinks through the app.
Customer Objectives
  • They want to replace the business of selling memberships with a kiosk where members can choose and purchase by themselves.
  • They want it to be operated in conjunction with the kiosk to be installed and the member management app currently in use.
  • Since membership types are diverse, such as one-day, one-month, and three-month passes, and member services include many optional items such as locker tickets, membership uniforms, and personal training services, all items must be intuitively viewed and purchased at the kiosk total solution.
  • According to the periodic update of the member management app, it must be installed as a mobile operating system so that it can be linked to the kiosk system.
  • A kiosk with a large 27-inch screen was installed so that members could choose and purchase a fitness center use ticket or option.
  • The Android operating system was selected and linked with the existing app, and it was made easy in two aspects: member management by administrators and easy use by members.
Results and Benefits
  • The simple membership sales task for existing members of the fitness center was reduced, and both managers and users were satisfied with the simple process.
  • Because the Android operating system was used, the manager's easy access to sales product management and easy expansion to franchises were also favorable in terms of business expansion.