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Subject POS installation at convenience stores affiliated with gas station chains in the Middle East
  • 2022.06.16
Customer Description
  • As a convenience store chain established in Kuwait, it has expanded its market to private universities, shopping malls, and gas stations.
Customer Objectives
  • Convenience stores attached to gas stations are characterized by a high frequency of sales of certain consumer goods because customers spend less time in the store.
  • We wanted the POS speed to be faster as it requires repeated payment processes in a short time.
  • Since we serve the same customers as gas stations, we hoped that POS would be operated as an integrated system for payment at gas stations and convenience stores.
  • In order to minimize the inconvenience of floating customers with potential requirements, the POS should have high-performance specifications to help solve problems for various situations.
  • The solution applied to the convenience store must be integrated and installed as a system in which POS hardware and software are linked.
  • The latest CPU is applied in the hardware and the software allows payment for various products or additional registration/modification/deletion of products, so that there is no difficulty in using it in the store.
  • Even after POS installation, SSDs were continuously replaced at gas stations and convenience stores at each update cycle to strengthen maintenance.
Results and Benefits
  • In preparation for the changing shopping environment, such as providing more types of food products at gas stations, the launch of snacks, beverages, coffee and delivery services has also been accelerated, resulting in increased sales.