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Subject POS installation in retail chains in the Middle East
  • 2022.06.16
Customer Description
  • A retail distribution network in downtown Kuwait that continues to grow in market dominance.
  • It is a store chain with a high market share as the sales of large distribution chains, which are major shareholders, also continuously increase.
Customer Objectives
  • Since these stores are located in residential areas, it is easy to purchase food materials and daily necessities because of their high accessibility.
  • In such an environment with high payment frequency, the highest priority is to ensure that the POS is operated stably without any breakdowns or problems.
  • Because of the high frequency of POS use, the POS system must operate with high performance and must be easy to maintain in case of problems.
  • In order to apply the payment method of POS, it should be composed of a system that can smoothly circulate the local currency.
  • A high-performance CPU was applied to ensure that there is no problem with frequent payments, and an SSD was additionally installed to ensure a large amount of storage space so that a lot of data can be processed quickly.
  • A cash module system was applied so that there was no inconvenience in using the local currency.
Results and Benefits
  • The payment process according to the purchase of goods by customers in the store was made smoothly, and the reliability of the hardware was gained.
  • Thanks to the stable POS system, the hardware contributed to strengthening and expanding the retail distribution network.