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High Performance Meets Stylish Look™

The IMPREX® PRIME is a whole new generation of high-end all-in-one POS system with a fast speed receipt printer integrated. It delivers innovative design, stylish look, robust performance, maximum reliability, superior expandability and advanced manageability to meet today’s challenges in the retail and hospitality environments.

· Real All-in-One POS Terminal
· Stylish Look and Innovative Design
· High-Speed 3″ Thermal Receipt Printer Integrated
· Fast and Powerful Performance
Intel® Celeron® J1900 Quad-Core Processor
6th Generation Intel® Core™ and Penitum® Processors
· 15″ & 17″ Bezel-Free True-Flat Display with LED Backlight
· PCAP Touch
· Multiple I/O Ports and Peripheral Options
· Tool-less and Modular Design for Easy Maintenance

Innovative Elegance.

The design and layout of a store can be crucial. And the POS terminal is at the heart of it as one of critical design elements. How a POS terminal looks is as important as what it can do for both business owners and customers. The IMPERX®PRIME does just that. The innovative and elegant look of the IMPERX®PRIME with impeccable arch-type stand can makes stores and business owners look more appealling to customers.

Real All-in-One Design.

With innovative all-in-one system, the IMPREX® PRIME has all you need as a POS terminal. With high-speed 3″ POS printer integrated into the terminal, there is no need to decide what to have around it as peripherals. The touch display with bright screen delivers vivid and crisp image. The powerful computing part serves as a sturdy base stand as well. Unboxing and putting it on the coutner is all you can do to start installation.

Fast and Powerful Performer.

As high-end POS terminal, performance-optimized technology makes the IMPREX® PRIME more valuable to customers. The IMPREX® PRIME is powered by low-power high performance solution Intel® Celeron® J1900 quad-core processor and the 6th generation Intel® Core™ and Pentium® processors. They can provide business owners with processing power needed to run today’s mission critical business applications to improve business efficiency and speed up customer services.

Advanced Manageability.

Its innovative tool-less design allows quick access to the internal components, enabling fast and easy service and upgrades. A couple of turns of hand screws are away from major components of motherboard, storage and I/O ports etc. Built on modular technology, there is no need to send the whole system for maintenance if there is a problem with a printer. Just replace a printer module and send it for repair service when breakdown occurs. That way, time and cost can be saved as well.

Superior Touch Display.

The true-flat bezel free touch display ensures easy operation, makes cleaning simple and prevents dust from infiltration into display. The bright and clear image from the IMPREX® PRIME increases work efficiency. The graphic user interface on 15″ or 17″ big screen enables operators to minimize errors and work with the IMPREX® PRIME faster in hectic and busy environments. PCAP and 10-point multi-touch technology delivers intuitive and familiar experiences similar to smartphones or tablets. Fast touch response enables speedy operation.

Multiple I/O Connectivity and Peripheral Options.

With integrated POS peripherals and multiple I/O ports, the IMPREX® PRIME embodies a flexible design that can be customized to fit customer’s business environment. The IMPREX PRIME offers VFD type customer display and 2nd LCD displays in 3 size, credit card readers, 2nd storage and smart battery as options and peripherals. If your business grows significantly, so does the IMPREX PRIME to suit your business needs.

Dual Storage. Safe Data Backup.

The optional 2nd storage for the IMPREX® PRIME ensures safe data backup. The important data can be securely backed up even when a power outage or unexpected technical issue occurs.