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Entirely New. Completely Redefined.™

The DCR™ is a supercompact POS system with a groundbreaking all-in-one design. It is the perfect choice for business owners who pursue maximum return on minimum investment. With an 8” wide touch screen, a customer display and a fast receipt printer all integrated, there is no need to consider what to have around it, and business owners can run quick and efficient workflows.

· Groundbreaking All-in-One Design
· The Most Affordable POS Terminal Ever
· Supercompact Size
· Breakthrough Performance
· 8″ Bright & Wide Touch Screen
· 3” High Speed Printer Integrated
· Pre-Installed POS Software for Restaurants
· Fresh and Modern Look

Groundbreaking All-in-One Design.

Unmatched innovative all-in-one design. With an 8” wide touch screen, a high speed receipt printer,
a customer display and even a payment module all integrated in a single terminal,
you do not have to decide what to purchase as optional devices or peripherals.
The DCR™ is the most ideal solution to minimize the initial cost.

Breakthrough Performance.

The embOS on the DCR™, a market-proven real time operating system, designed to be used for embedded real-time applications, ensures minimum consumption of the system resource. Powered by ARM® Cortex® M4 technology, the DCR™ delivers zero-wait execution and high performance that meet various needs in table service and quick service restaurants and retail stores. Simply, the DCR™ does more with less.

* embOS ? It is one of real time operating systems. Developed by German-based embedded system expert, Segger, the embOS features high performance, minimum memory consumption in RAM and ROM and high speed.
It is intended to run real-time applications with virtually no buffering delays. Its reliability has been proven over the last 20 years by several million devices in various applications.

Supercompact Size.

The touch display is designed for enhanced performance, durability and usability. Industrial-grade LED panel offers bright and crisp images, extended product life and energy efficiency. PCAP and 10-point multi-touch technology delivers intuitive and familiar experiences similar to smartphones or tablets. And speedy operation is assured with the touch display activated with both fingers and gloves.

Multiple Peripheral Devices.

The DCR™, even in supercompact size, provides connection to multiple peripheral devices.
Use existing or add on new peripheral devices to meet changing business needs as your business grows.

3″ High Speed Printer Integrated.

The high-speed jam-free 3″ printer, with printing speed of 150mm/s, does not make your customers wait.
The integrated printer creates clean and cable-free environment on the counter space.

8″ Bright & Wide Touchscreen

The DCR™ offers bright and wide 8″ touchscreen and, and the display tilts toward operators for easy operation. A tablet-like display with faster touch response and minimum glare provides operators with less training time and more speed.