Simple. Compact. Easy.

The BLUO™ is a compact POS terminal designed to fit into any store environments. Its unique yet practical design is a perfect combination of form and function. It delivers optimum convenience by giving easy access to I/O ports located on the upper part of the terminal.

· Compact for More Counter Space
· Simple and Practical Design
· Fast and Powerful Performance
  Intel® Celeron® J1900 Quad-Core Processor
  6th Generation Intel® Core™ and Penitum® Processors
· 15″ LCD Display with 5-Wired Resistive Touch
· Multiple I/O Ports and Peripheral Options
· Easy Access to I/O Ports for Fast Installation
· Dual Storage for Safe Data Backup
· Tooless Design for Easy Maintenance

Simple and Practical Design.

The BLUO™ is a POS terminal with simple and practical design. It blends well into any business environments whether it is a retail store or a restaurant.

Compact Body. Small Footprint.

The BLUO™ has a compact body and small footprint for limited counter space. Designed with size-sensitive customers, it was engineered to have as little space as possible between I/O interfaces and display components. Advanced technology for compact form factor can save much of your valuable counter space, create more opportunities to interact with cusomters and promote other items at the checkout area.

Fast and Powerful Performer.

The BLUO™® is powered by low-power high performance solution Intel® Celeron® J1900 quad-core processor and 6th generation Intel® Core™ and Pentium® processors. They can provide business owners with the processing power needed to run today’s mission critical business applications to improve business efficiency and speed up customer services.

Tool-less Design for Easy Installation and Maintenance.

Its innovative tool-less design and modular technology allow quick access to the internal components, enabling fast and easy service and upgrades. A couple of turns of hand screws are away from major components of motherboard, storage and I/O ports etc. All this ensures rapid intallation as well. The BLUO™ can save your precious time and reduce cost.

Quick Installation and Maintenance.

Easy access to the I/O connectivity delivers quick installation and maintenance. With the I/O panel on the upper side of the terminal, on-site serviceability gets much easier and faster. Time and cost can be greatly saved.