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A8 POS Printer

Compact. Reliable. Flexible

The A8 is the new compact cube POS printer of POSBANK. Its compact size can be empowered in the cramped spatial circumstances. The flexible design can switch paper print from top exit to front exit. For enhanced customer experiences, the A8 is compatible with leading mobile operating systems or Android and iOS.

· 3” Jam-Free Direct Thermal POS Printer
· Compact Cube Design for Limited Counter Space
· Paper Top Exit and Front Exit for Flexible Operation
· Fast Printing Speed of up to 250mm/s
· High Resolution of up to 203dpi
· USB+Serial+Ethernet Interface
· Optional Bluetooth & WiFi Interfaces for Mobile Devices
· mPOS friendly Compatible with Android and iOS

Countertop or Undercounter.



Compact cube design represents the modern retail environments.
This sizing enables you to have space efficiency with a flexible structure of paper top exit and front exit. Either Countertop or Undercounter, place it wherever your business needs it.

Compatibility and Connectivity.

The A8 is compatible with Android and iOS of today’s leading mobile operating systems. The printer offers USB, Serial and Ethernet communication. And its multiple connectivity options are available in Wifi and Bluetooth, enabling the A8 to operate on a wireless and wired network.

High Performance.

The A8 is the fast-speed printer with a printing speed of 250mm/s, allowing you to serve your customers more quickly in retail and hospitality industry. The ideal fit for crowded counter spaces. With its 203 dpi resolution, you are assured of crisp and clear text and graphic results.

Advanced Reliability.

With a MCBF of 60 million lines, TPH of 150 kilometers and auto-cutting of 1.5 million cuts, the A8 is reliable enough to last longer and operate in large volume printing environments.


The size of paper rolls is 3” and various deployments are available such as countertop, undercounter or wall-mount. Users can arrange the A8 to meet their own business needs.

Three-Year Warranty.

The A8, backed by POSBANK’s service and support, comes with a three-year limited warranty, ensuring lower total cost of ownership.

Industry : Retail, Hospitality
Application: Receipt, Kitchen, Ticket, Barcode, Coupon, Kiosk, Queue Management