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POPs Restaurant™

The POPs Restaurnat™, Posbank’s POS software for restaurants, is designed for all types of restaurant businesses.
It is a easy-to-use and feature-rich restaurant management solution that can streamline daily operation and increase customer loyalty.

· Various Functions for Dine-in and Quick-Service Restaurants
· Payment Options : EMV Ready, PCI Compliant, Major Payment Processors Supported
· User-Defined Interface : Customizable Menu, Table Map, Screen Lay-out
· Employee Management
· CRM Functions : Membership and Loyalty Program
· Extensive Sales Reports
· POS Peripherals Supported

Full Setup
User Manual
POSBANK_Restaurant POS Software

Main Screen

User-defined programmable menu.

POSBANK_Restaurant POS Software

Venue Layout

Tailor your virtual shop floor precisely to your venue’s actual layout.

POSBANK_Restaurant POS Software

Order Screen

Staff members can visually place orders by selecting the corresponding pictures or text.

POSBANK_Restaurant POS Software

Payment and Receipt

Selectable payment methods and membership account management with option to directly print receipt.

POSBANK_Restaurant POS Software

Operation Management

Management on menu, order, table, reservation and waiting list.

POSBANK_Restaurant POS Software

Staff Management

Automatically manage and organize members of staff.

POSBANK_Restaurant POS Software

Inventory Count

Automatic stocktaking program for current and past inventory management.

POSBANK_Restaurant POS Software

Customer & Membership Management

Provides information on customer trends and membership effectiveness to allow successful business analysis.

POSBANK_Restaurant POS Software

Smart Sales Analysis

With this smart tool, the business can analyze and organize its hourly, daily, monthly, yearly and per-customer sales for effective store management.