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Discover Posbank.

About Posbank

Posbank is a global leading provider of Point of Sale solutions. We offer a wide range of POS terminals, touchscreen monitor, peripherals and POS software for hospitality and retail industries. By focusing on investment in innovative POS system and custom solutions, we achieve customer satisfaction with best-in-class products and service.

POS Terminals

Our POS terminals blend seamlessly
into today’s store environment with
modern and contemporary design.


With an advanced engineering and
years of experience, we offer business
owners customized POS solutions.

Customer Care Program

Posbank provides business owners with
outstanding return and exchange
program for ensuring business continuity.

Our Values


We deliver POS systems with superior design that
enhance busiess efficiency and brand image of customers.


We strive to meet stringent standards fulfilled by our
in-house R&D and manufacturing facility.


We build innovative POS systems that help
customers to be more successful in their business.


We offer continuted support for customers
during the product life cycle.


We operate global partner network and
warehouses near your business.



Posbank is a multiple-time award winner for excellence in product design.

Good Design 2017

POS Terminal APEXA™ Series

Reddot Award 2017

POS Terminal DCR™ Series