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POS System Troubleshooting – Booting Issues

pos system symptom: Re-booting during system operation
Corrective Procedure
■ Check SATA cable connection
■ Check memory status

POS System Troubleshooting – PS/2 Keyboard Issues

pos system symptom: PS/2 Keyboard Issues
Corrective Procedure
■ Check card-reader cable
■ Check motherboard jumper

POS System Troubleshooting – Power Issues

pos system symptom: System switches off abruptly and system does not load
Corrective Procedure
■ Check A/C cable connection
■ Check motherboard power connection
■ Check CPU settings/status
■ Check DRAM settings
■ Check power button cable connection
■ Change power adaptor unit

POS System Troubleshooting – Touch-screen Issues

pos system symptom: Touch-screen doesn’t detect touch operations
Corrective Procedure
■ Check touch-screen cable connection
■ Check motherboard and LCD cable connection
■ Check BIOS set-up

POS System Troubleshooting – LCD Issues

pos system symptom: LCD backlight doesn’t work
Corrective Procedure
■ Check LCD cable connection
■ Check inverter cable connection
■ Replace inverter cable
■ Change LCD panel

POS System Troubleshooting – USB Issues

pos system symptom: POS system USB port doesn’t work
Corrective Procedure
■ Check Windows device manager for device recognition
■ Check USB device status and connection
■ Erase and re-install USB driver
■ Change USB device

POS System Troubleshooting – MSR Issues

pos system symptom: MSR does not respond
Corrective Procedure
■ Check MSR reader cable connection
■ Check motherboard and LCD cable connection
■ Check MSR board cable connection

POS System Troubleshooting – Network Issues

pos system symptom: Cannot access LAN
Corrective Procedure
■ Check if hub or switch is working correctly
■ Check RJ45 cable connection
■ Check if LAN LEDs are on/off
■ Reinstall LAN card
Replace motherboard