POSBANK Unveils Upcoming New Generation POS at EuroShop 2020

JAN 31, 2020 – EuroShop 2020 POSBANK(D27, Hall 7), a global leading provider of retail solutions, will bring up the newest insights through the extended product line-up and the brand new POS. This expansion empowers the market to adopt key factors fitted to each industry and helps utilize further customized device in the area.

BIGPOS widely established in world markets has taken a step with 21.5” sized screen for medium-sized retail environment. The compact applicability relieves the customer worries of the packed space. With Intel® Core™ i5-7200U, the specifications can be fully applied as its demand and also fashioned to any tastes in colors, branding names and other OEM/ODM requirements.

DCR™ A1-1160 as an empowered Android based All-In-One Solution can maximize its utility with wider screen supporting Full HD(1920×1086). It fulfills the fast and stable operations using more Android based applications. Integrated with print peripherals, red dot awarded design offers small footprints and the exquisite brand impressions to the customers. Visiting at POSBANK’s booth, the showroom designed to glance at a view clearly demonstrates what the items look like on site, which brings the customers inspiration and guidance to develop their market. Wider retail segmented options to be seen lead the quick application of POSBANK’s Driving In-Store Performance in the right place.

To learn more about BIGPOS and other POS systems, visit our website (www.posbank.com) or POSBANK booth #D27, Hall 7.

POSBANK is a leading provider of POS & Kiosk systems and solutions. Founded in 1994 by a group of talented engineers, POSBANK has brought an innovation to the local POS market with impressive design and superior quality. Now POSBANK serves more than 200 customers in 80 countries around the world.

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