The Nilson Report Publishes an Article about Posbank’s DCR™

Seoul, Korea, May 8, 2017 – Posbank’s DCR™, a supercompact POS terminal with a groundbreaking all-in-one design, get featured in The Nilson Report which is the most widely read trade journal in the payment card and mobile payments industries. The Nilson Report featured the DCR™ as new and notable POS terminal while introducing its detailed specifications and innovative design(See attachment for details).

The Nilson Report, in its 46th year of publication, is considered the most relevant and respected source of news and analysis of the card and mobile payment industries today. This featured article on DCR™ is more meaningful for us because it is published by the most trusted source of news without any sponsorship.

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The Nilson Report_Posbank DCR_Apr 2017 (PDF, 530KB)

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